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I recently completed my BA (Media & Communications) at The University of Sydney where I specialised in Digital Cultures and Marketing. I am now working as an Account Executive at M&C Saatchi where I plan to build on my passion for copywriting.

With professional experience in social media and copywriting for real estate alongside my appreciation for creative work, advertising seemed like the natural fit. I hope to continue to grow my skills over the coming years.

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The Influencer ‘It’ Girl: Privilege, Performativity and the Politics of Empowered Self-Promotion on Instagram

This piece was written as my major work for the capstone unit, Critical Practice in Media, in the final semester of my BA (Media and Communications). I have shared the work in parts and in no way intend to undermine any of the influencers mentioned, rather question their integrity as public figures. Please enjoy this …

A Biological Determinist Reading of The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale had a profound effect on my appreciation for reproductive liberty and this post is testament to my belief in choice and autonomy for women’s bodies. The framework of biological determinism serves as a reminder of the dangers of culturally imposed biological ‘norms’ and is particularly relevant with the current narrative of gender binaries in light of Australia’s Marriage Equality debate.

Real Estate

Real Estate

A collection of some of my most recent copywriting jobs for Real Estate in Sydney.

  • I operate independently under the business name Typewriter Digital Media.
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