Montenegro, You Had Me at Hello

Just a short drive from Dubrovnik, the winding coastal mountainside leads to the tiny yet boisterous country, Montenegro.

Don’t be deterred by the tourist havens of Croatia and Greece that often overshadow Montenegro. This tiny country has so much to offer, from history and culture to breathtaking scenery.

Kotor was named the number one travel destination of 2016 by Lonely Planet and it is easy to see why. The town is ensconced between walls bearing Venetian crests and holds beautiful churches, boutique shops and cafes in its winding streets. Most breath taking of all is the climb to the top of the mountain with sweeping views over the Bay of Kotor and the terracotta roofs of the town below with a mountainous backdrop.

Following on, a quick visit to the bustling beachside town of Budva was complete with a dip in the Adriatic sea accompanied by a platter of seafood and an Aperol Spritz.

If you ever find yourself in this incredible corner of the Earth, do yourself a favour and visit Montenegro!


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